I'm now a graudate student studying Information Systems and Computer Software Engineering at Northeastern University.

I have some experience in both front-end and back-end development, and usually I'll start my day with some LeetCode questions to enrich my knowledge of algorithms and data structures.

Before attending the graudate school at Northeastern, I was working as a software engineer intern at an IT and education company in Shanghai, China.

I will graduate from Northeastern University in December 2021, so now I'm seeking software engineer internship and also open to full time opportunities to enter the IT industry again.

Boonoob Social Network

A real-world social network based on activities built during my internship to connect people, spread happiness and boost the gig economy.

My Job: Worked as a full stack engineer, responsible for both the front end and the back end of the web app.
1. Created Welcome Page, Login Page, SignUp Page and Home Page according to UI/UX design using React.JS, HTML, CSS
2. Implemented front-end logic and functions of user flow(Sign Up, Login, Remember Login, Render Content, Connect, Create Content, Like, Comment, Upload Pictures, Report) using React.JS
3. Developed the REST APIs(Retrieve Posts, Create Posts, Friend Request, Like, Comment, Report) and back-end services(Notification, Connection Policy, Verification) to smooth user flow using Node.JS(Express.JS)
4. Worked with MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas for data modeling, storing and management
5. Used GitLab for version control, became proficient in using Git to manage the workflow
6. Got to know the process of Agile Software Development, felt comfortable to work in a fast-paced startup, and had smooth communication with my supervisor and colleagues to ensure the delivery of every task

The code is privately owned by Boonoob. Boonoob Social Network will be launched soon.

Sorting Algorithms Visualizer

A visualizer for sorting algorithms to visualize the process of sorting of 6 different sorting algorithms, including Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort and Merge Sort.

Sorting Algorithms Visualizer was implemented with React.JS

Github Repo & More

Bookcase Full Stack Web App

A template web application for libraries to manage their books.

Bookcase NodeJS was implemented with Node.JS(Express.JS) for the back end and React.JS for the front end and MongoDB for the database. GraphQL was used to query information stored in MongoDB in this project.

Github Repo & More


A web application for users to take notes and create their todo lists.

Remember was implemented with Java and Spring Boot for the back end and React.JS for the front end and H2 for the database. Basic Auth and JSON Web Token(JWT) was used to implement user login functionality.

Github Repo & More

E-Commerce Web Server

A template server that can be used as the back end of e-commerce web application.

E-Commerce NodeJS web server was implemented with Node.JS(Express.JS). I used MongoDB as the database of this web server and used JSON Web Token(JWT) and BCrypt to implement login and token verification functionalities.

Github Repo & more

BlackBoard Web Server

A template server that clones the student and course management systems used in high schools.

BlackBoard and its REST APIs were built with Java and Spring Boot. Some AWS technologies were also used to implemented this server, for example, AWS DynamoDB and AWS Lambda. This project was the final project of course Cloud Computing and was deployed on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Github repo & more

Bookcase Web Server

A template server that can be used as the back end of book management systems in libraries.

Bookcase web server was implemented with Java and Spring Boot. I used MongoDB as the database of this web server and Redis to cache the data in the database to improve the performance of fetching data.

Github repo & more

Blog Django

A full stack web application that can be used to post and manage blog articles.

Blog Django was built with Pyhton and Django for the back end, and HTML for the front end, and the database used in this project was SQLite.

Github repo & more

Meme Generator

A React web application that can generate memes with random pictures.

Meme Generator was implemented with HTML, CSS and React.JS.

github repo & more

Car Selling Application

A desktop application that clones the car searching and management systems used by clients and dealers.

Car Selling Application was the final project of course Application Engineering and was built with Java and its embedded UI library, Swing. The whole system was divided into client side and dealer side, I was a member of the UI team and worked with Swing to build the UI of the client side.

github repo & more


I'm glad that I live in an era when technologies are updating and iterating very fast so that I can keep learning new things to improve and strengthen my knowledge and skills of software development.

Programming Languages

Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C/C++, Python

Back End

Spring Boot, Node.JS, Express.JS, Django, Apache Tomcat

Front End

React.JS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Redux


AWS DynamoDB, MySQL, MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLite, H2

Cloud Computing

AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions


Docker, Maven, Git, Pandas, JSON, GraphQL, Vim


Feel free to contact me via email and also check out my social networks!